What will happen with the utility services provided?

    The planning has identified the need to change and improve the location of utility services before the city can proceed to the construction phase. These include the relocation of the:

    • Overhead distribution lines and new installation of the underground power
    • Telecommunications
    • Water supply

    Will the trees be affected as part of this proposal?

    The City has a policy in relation to maintaining trees. Road works do not generally involve tree work. However, on some occasions the trees may require minor pruning.

    However in this instance the City will require removal of an existing Queensland box tree to accommodate the southern carriageway alignment on Smyth Road. Suitable street trees will be replaced throughout the scope of the project.

    Will my business be affected?

    If construction of the roundabout progresses there will be some minor disruptions. However, access to your business will be maintained where possible. Council Officers will be liaising directly with you to ensure any disruptions are minimised.

    What will happen to the crossovers?

    The City will reinstate the crossover at Kidz Biz Early Learning Centre.

    Will additional drainage be installed as part of the proposal?

    The city assesses the drainage hydrology capacity and if required additional drainage will be installed at specific locations (low points) to maximise removal of runoff.

    Will the kerbs be replaced?

    The proposed works involve the reinstatement of the drainage capacity of the road to its original standard thereby providing protection to your property, particularly during heavy rains. The standard kerb used is SM1 (semi- mountable) which ensures water is kept on the road and assists in diversion into the drainage system.

    What is the Roads to Recovery Program?

    The objective of the Roads to Recovery Program is to support the maintenance of the local road infrastructure across Australia by assisting with improved safety, economic and social outcomes. This occurs by provided local governments with grant funding for the maintenance and/or construction of roads in order to help maintain the local road network.

    If the project progresses, how long will the works take?

    It is expected that the works will take 6-8 weeks. However, each project is complex and requires works from third party providers and timelines can vary. Timelines are developed for each project as orders are finalised with weather conditions taken into account. These timeframes will be communicated as part of the notification of commencement.

    If the project progresses, what will happen if the street is closed while works are undertaken?

    Prior notification of the street closure during construction will be communicated to residents, businesses, utility and service providers as part of the community engagement process.

    Notifications could include mail-outs, advertisements in the local newspaper and on the City's community engagement page as well as using an electronic noticeboard at the works site.

    During a road closure period, local access for residents will be maintained.

    What is the City's approach to undertaking road improvements?

    The City aims to integrate footpath renewals, footpath connections, drainage, and kerb replacement with road renewals. This integrated approach means all components of the street infrastructure will be considered as part of a road renewal project.

    What are the hours the work will be undertaken if they proceed?

    The Environmental Noise Regulations WA 1997 sets out the requirements for noise and construction work. The work hours are:
    • Monday to Saturday — 7am to 7pm
    • Sunday — 9am to 7pm
    It is unlikely that the City will undertake work during a weekend or at a night. However, the City may undertake work during a weekend or at night to reduce the impact on Smyth Road due to its high use by motorists.

    Prior notification of any work undertaken outside of the hours specified for any week day will be communicated.

    How will the City provide a safe area if the works proceed?

    The City has an obligation to ensure we provide a safe workplace for staff and safe access for residents and pedestrians around the worksite area. During the planning phase safety issues are taken into account and actions agreed, such as the placement of traffic controllers to assist motorists to move around the site. Other safety measures such as signage, fencing and barriers are also placed around the site to provide safety measures for residents and pedestrians.