Why construct a turning head?

The construction of a turning head is to facilitate safe turning of "as of right" vehicles entering the eastern end of Sayer Street. 

Are there proposed changes from the original designs and why?

The designs for the formal closure of the street have now been completed. Since July 2016 (closure of the street), the City has been monitoring the effectiveness of the closure. As a result, minor modifications to the original plan are proposed.

  • Sayer Street (east): The turning head planned for section of Sayer Street opposite of Number 11 is contained wholly within the road reserve.
  • Sayer Street (west): The gate which was installed at the rear of Number 5 Horizon Court will be relocated 15 metres from the roundabout. This will stop motorists from driving part way up the street before realising the street is closed. It will also allow emergency vehicles to safely stop in Sayer Street without impeding Seaward Avenue and eliminates the need for the City to construct a turning head on this end of the street.

Remediation works will also be undertaken following the construction works. This will include the planting of local provenance plants.

What were the results from the previous engagement activities?

Following community support (93.5%, 43 from 46 responses) to close the street, the formal closure progressed and came into effect on 26 July 2016.  The street was closed with a temporary gate until the formal designs were prepared for a permanent closure.

The community favoured the proposal as it will improve the integrity of the A Class Reserve, security Seaward Village residents (improved privacy), road safety and alternative exit route from Seaward Village, should not be via Sayer Street. The proponents against the proposal identified that there would be decreased security for Seaward Village residents with no secondary escape route and Sayer Street is the best route for access to local amenities from Seaward Village.

When was the road closure formalised by Council?

The closure of the street was approved by the Council at its meeting on 28 June 2016. The decision included approval to provide emergency access on the closed portion and to comply with the requirements of the Department of Planning Guidelines for planning in bushfire prone areas. Funding was set aside in the 2016/17 budget for the closure works.

What was Council's decision to close the road?

Council at its meeting on 22 September 2015, resolved:

a.  to close Sayer Street on 26 July 2016;

b.  that the reasons for the road closure are:

     i.  to reinstate the area to its original natural state for park and recreational use;

    ii.  to address a serious concern regarding a major increase in traffic on Sayer Street post
        development of Seaward Village;

   iii.  because the planning of the new subdivision can incorporate a secondary access road without
        impacting on current residents;

c. that the closure shall be effected on a portion of Sayer Street between Jameson Street and the
    rear of 5 Horizon Court.

What are the legislative requirements to close Sayer Street?

The City will be implementing the closure under section 3.50 of the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations, which fall under the Local Government Act 1995.

 A public notice has been issued and following completion of the engagement the City will consider any submissions made.