Why are we proposing a partial closure on your street?

    Following the installation of the speed plateaus, community concerns remain over the high level of commercial traffic using Quintilian Road. Traffic data collected during October 2018 confirms this and this project seeks to address this concern. Please refer to the Council report for further information.

    Why has the City selected this location to install a partial closure?

    Options available to limit commercial vehicle use are limited to only a full or partial closure of Quintilian Road. In consideration of the options, the City’s preference is for a partial closure at the Brockway end of Quintilian Road because:

    • It limits traffic entering Quintilian Road from Brockway Road
    • Supports the safer anti-clockwise rotation of school traffic for pick up and drop off

    Why is the Council approved plan different from the engagement plan?

    The plan presented to the Council included another pending project for a future shared path and improved parking. This project is still in the process of finalising designs and a separate engagement will be conducted during the next few months.