Why do we need to develop a plan for the UWA-QEII precinct?

    The UWA-QEII precinct is a major economic hub in Perth and is strategically important for the State’s economy. As these major institutions evolve and expand, the surrounding neighbourhood is also changing, with greater demand for housing and shops near to this major activity.

    In addition, the State anticipates that by the year 2050, the population of Perth will rise to 3.5 million. In order to accommodate this population growth in an efficient and cost-effective manner, the State Government has established a target for residential intensification within existing urban areas.   

    State Government has also identified this area as a logical place to accommodate some growth and clustering of business activity of State and regional significance, the concentration of linked businesses and institutions to accommodate future growth in jobs and housing.

    Where is the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct?

    The Hampden/Hollywood Precinct is located within the Hollywood Ward. It extends from Hibbertia Lane to the south, which runs parallel to Stirling Highway, Hampden Road to the east, a portion of Monash Avenue to the north, and Williams Road to the west. It is located adjacent to the Stirling Highway Activity Corridor Precinct to the south/west, and Broadway Precinct on the southern side of Stirling Highway.

    The Precinct interfaces with one of the State’s largest medical, research and tertiary centres – referred to as the UWA/QEIIMC Specialised Activity Centre. The City of Nedlands has a great opportunity to play an important role in this and ensure that we are positioned to benefit from and inform the interplay between this strategic precinct area and the City’s local precinct areas of Broadway and Hampden/Hollywood.

    Why is the City of Perth doing the Crawley-Nedlands workshops?

    The City of Perth, working together with the City of Nedlands, are undertaking this study to make sure they have a strong vision for the future of the Crawley Nedlands neighbourhood. Since the boundary of the City of Perth was realigned in 2016, both the City of Perth and the City of Nedlands have been reconsidering the longer-term plans for the neighbourhood, and it is now time to work with the community to take the next steps. 

    A Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP) was formed with representatives from the community to take part in a series of Crawley-Nedlands Exploration workshops to investigate the community’s values, ideas and expectations for the neighbourhood. The outcomes from these workshops will support longer-term planning for the UWA-QEII precinct and its surrounds.

    Why is the City doing planning for the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct Area?

    The City of Nedlands is undertaking an important initiative to develop a local planning framework that will respond to the higher densities that were introduced into the City's Local Planning Scheme No.3, with the focus for this project being the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct.

    To do this, the City is first undertaking community engagement; with workshops to investigate the community’s values, ideas and expectations for the neighbourhood. This study will support longer-term planning for the UWA-QEII precinct and its surrounds.

    When will the project be implemented?

    The outcomes of the Crawley-Nedlands Exploration workshops will provide the early community inputs to the UWA-QEII Precinct Plan.  It is envisaged that this Precinct Plan will be developed over 2022/2023.

    How will the plans impact my property?

    Once the planning framework has been updated, landowners will be able to develop their property in line with the updated planning documents, but there is no requirement for development to occur within a specific timeframe.

    Why do we need to develop a local planning framework for this Precinct?

    The City’s Local Planning Scheme 3 (LPS 3) was gazetted in April 2019 and as a result has zoned properties along Hampden Road and Monash Avenue, as well as the eastern side of Leura Street, as Mixed Use, with an R-AC3 density code. The adjacent residential areas bound by Micrantha Lane to the north, Williams Road to the west, Leura Street to the east and Hibbertia Lane to the south, have also been seen increased residential densities under LPS3, ranging from R40 to R160.

    While the Residential Design Codes apply and provide some guidance for development assessment, there is limited localised planning guidance for this area. There is a need to provide further guidance to the community and the development industry to properly coordinate development outcomes and realise the City’s intentions for the area, as set out in the Local Planning Strategy.

    A Local Planning Policy is therefore being prepared by the City, which will provide more locally-appropriate built form controls, reflecting the community's desired future character for the Precinct. 

    How do I get involved?

    You can register to keep updated for wider community engagement opportunities that will be occurring along the way. To register for updates, click on the Follow Project widget at the top of the project page.

    What is a Community Reference Group?

    A Community Reference Group (CRG) is a group of community representatives that are nominated to a part of a process in developing an outcome and/or set of recommendations for a wider project.  

    An expression of interest process to be a member of the CRG for the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct is planned to run in July 2021.

    The CRG will meet regularly between August and December 2021 to discuss and help determine the future vision and built form preferences for the Hampden Hollywood. There will be opportunities for the wider community to be involved and contribute to the future vision of Precinct at key points between now and the end of 2021.

    How is the Community Reference Group selected?

    The City sent invitations across the study area and surrounds to residents, business and land owners. Those who received an invitation were invited to express interest in participating on the Community Reference Group (CRG) by registering. The selection of members for the CRG was undertaken by an external consultant to ensure that the process was transparent and independent. 

    A total of 14 people registered for the CRG. All 14 nominations were selected for the CRG. 

    I was not selected to be a member of the CRG. Can I still attend CRG meetings?

    An opportunity to nominate to be a member of the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct CRG is being run in July 2021. A selection process will then follow to select members to represent the community on the CRG. 

    If you are unsuccessful in being selected, you can still register for updates on this page or enter a valid email address on the 'Follow Project' widget located on the right-hand side of this page.

    Opportunities to contribute to the future planning for the Hampden/Hollywood Precinct will be available in the coming months.

    CRG meetings are strictly invite only. Should you decide to attend and are not a selected member of the CRG, you will be kindly asked to leave.