Goal 5: Customers

about 1 year ago
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The objective of customers is to improve engagement with our customers. To achieve this, the following actions are proposed:

  1. Work closely with Friends of Groups (FoG) in the bushland projects including development of FoG Agreements
  2. Update City website and Your Voice Nedlands (community engagement hub) to facilitate communication and engagement
  3. Ensure customer service officers are trained to respond to public tree questions
  4. Provide a site visit service for any queries regarding public trees

What are your thoughts on these actions?

Relates to Relates to document: Urban Forest Strategy 2018-2023

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  • TreeDR about 1 year ago
    Engagement with customers is very important but it is also essential that the City empowers it's ratepayers with the tools to assist with managing a healthy, thriving, resilient urban forest. It is not enough just to update the website and provide a site visit service. The City of Melbourne is a great example of a council that works very hard to engage and empower its residents in the benefits of having a healthy Urban Foresty. They have developed several novel tools such as their Urban Forest Visual (http://melbourneurbanforestvisual.com.au/), and even had a program whereby residents could email a tree. The City of Nedlands could hold a series of events/workshops whereby ratepayers could attend to learn about the benefits and develop an understanding and knowledge around how to select healthy trees and plant and care for them correctly to improve their chances of survival and growth. Workshops on how to select qualified contractors for tree pruning. How to manage dieback or identify pathogens etc. Such workshops must be engaging and entertaining. There are many examples and these go far beyond updates to the website and training of staff to answer questions.
  • S Male about 1 year ago
    It is necessary to proactively communicate expectations about verges to residents. It is not sufficient to make information available to those who seek it. Residents who are not aware do no seek the City guidelines. In Nedlands we have people who:- kill their verge trees- plant trees that are not within the plans and are unsuitable because they are too low-hanging and force pedestrians onto the road and/or reduce road safety by limiting visibility, and- landscape their verges in ways that forces pedestrians onto the road (e.g. with sleepers, curbs, and spiky plans between the road and their fence-line).