Why does the City advertise proposed developments?

    Affected parties are given the opportunity to provide comment on proposed developments when the City is required to exercise discretion in accordance with the City of Nedlands Town Planning Scheme No. 2 (TPS 2), related local planning/council policies and/or the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

    Affected parties comprise neighbour(s) directly affected by the variation proposed (in the opinion of the City).

    The City will have regard to the submission when making its decision in accordance with Schedule 2 Part 9 Clause 67 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

    Development applications that are compliant with TPS 2, related local planning/council policies and deemed-to-comply provisions of the R-Codes are determined by the City without advertising for comment.

    Why are development applications now available for public comment on your voice instead of the City’s website?

    The City's online engagement hub, Your Voice Nedlands has been expanded to host formal submissions to ensure consistency and ease for our community to connect with the City and provide feedback on a range of issues and projects of interest, all in the one place.

    Where else can details regarding the proposed development be viewed?

    Plans and other relevant information is available for public viewing during the advertising period only. If you have trouble viewing the plans online, they can also be viewed in the City’s Administration Offices – 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands (cnr Smyth Road), between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

    You may also contact the assessing planning officer if you have any questions on 9273 3500.

    What should I include in my submission?

    There is no set format for submissions. It may be an email or hand-written and can include attachments or photos.

    Your submission should clearly state the reasons why you object to, or support, the development proposal. It should relate directly to the variation(s) proposed.

    The City asks that you provide your name, postal address, property address and (if possible) your email address in the submission.

    Anonymous submissions will not be accepted by the City. Nor will the City reproduce any comments it considers offensive or defamatory.

    Your submission should be received by the City before the deadline given.

    Will my details and comments be kept confidential?

    A summary of the submitter’s comments may be made available to the applicant and owner of the development application.

    The submitter’s name and/or contact details will not to be made available to the applicant or the owner of the development application, other affected parties, the media and/or the general public.

    If the application needs to be determined by Council, the submitter’s details will be included in the Councillors’ copies of the agenda on a confidential basis.

    Who can I contact with any questions regarding a development application open for community consultation?

    Each development application which is open for community consultation should detail the contact officer in the initial correspondence received by the City and also in the online notice. If in doubt, please contact administration on 9273 3500.

    Will I be advised of the progress and decision of a development application?

    As a submitter, you will be advised if the matter will be referred to Council for determination and invited to attend if this is the case. Submitters will also be advised of the outcome of the Council’s decision.

    If the application is amended to address submissions received in the community consultation process, the City may approve the application under delegation. Submitters will also be advised if this is the outcome.

    Would the City consider a petition regarding the proposed development?

    The City will consider petitions that are received. However, petitions are required to be addressed to the CEO, indicate a lead petitioner and outline the names and property addresses of those signing the petition, as well as whether they are for or against the proposed development.

    Only the lead petitioner will be advised of the outcome of the application.

    Will the proposed development be determined at a Council meeting?

    If the proposed development needs to be determined at a Council meeting, submitters will be formally notified about the date, time and location of the Council meetings. You will also be informed about Council’s decision after the Council meeting.

    How can I be further involved with the Council decision-making process?

    As a submitter, you will be invited to attend both the Committee and Council meetings. The committee meeting is where the item is initially discussed and deliberated. The committee meeting is held a fortnight prior to the Council meeting with the final decision is made at the Council meeting. Submitters, applicants, owners and other interested parties are able to address the Council at the Committee and Council meetings.

    The agenda is made available on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. If you intend to address the Council at either the committee or council meeting, an online form can be filled out once the agenda is published on our website: https://www.nedlands.wa.gov.au/intention-address-council-or-council-committee-form

    You may also wish to contact your councillors directly. The councillor contact information is available on our website: https://www.nedlands.wa.gov.au/mayor-and-councillors-contact-details

    Can a submitter appeal the decision?

    In Western Australia, third parties (such as neighbours affected by a proposed development) do not have the right to lodge an appeal with the State Administrative Tribunal.