About the Development Application

    What is a Development Application (DA)?

     Development Application (DA) is an application made to Council seeking consent to carry out development including construction, demolition, change of use, display of advertising, subdivision, or making alterations or additions to a property or premises. A DA is required so that Council can assess the likely impacts of the proposal.

    Who is the applicant?

    The applicant for this project is Urbanista Town Planning

    Where is this development located?

    The development is bound by Baird Avenue to the west and Dalkeith Road to the east, and faces Stirling Highway. The site is currently occupied by a car dealership (Chellingworth Motors) and a bike shop (the Bicycle Entrepeneur).

    Why has the City allowed this application to be proposed?

    The City cannot refuse to accept an application for assessment. The City must follow the correct assessment process and will assess the application according to the planning process, make a recommendation with the final decision made by the Metro Inner North Joint Development Assessment Panel. 

    What is the City’s view of this application – will it be supported?

    The City follows a process for each Development Application received. The application must be assessed according to the provisions of the Local Planning Scheme No.3, external referrals will be made, advice will be sought on design quality  and the consultation submissions will be considered prior to the City forming a view on this application.  

    A recommendation is then presented to the  Metro Inner North Joint Development Assessment Panel who is the final decision maker. 

    What about the extra traffic that will be generated by this proposed development?

    The application includes a Traffic Impact Assessment. The focus of this report is the traffic assessment of the proposed development including assessment of the two local intersections of Stirling Highway/Baird Avenue/Mountjoy Road and Stirling Highway/Dalkeith Road. This report also considers existing and proposed pedestrian and cyclist facilities as well as public transportation availability.  

    How can I make a submission or be heard by the Council or the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) on this matter?

    Submissions can be made on the ‘Your Voice' online submission form.

    Should you make a submission on the application, you will be notified of the relevant Development Assessment Panel (DAP) meeting and how to apply to make a deputation at the meeting.


    What is the zone for the site?

    The site is zoned Mixed Use (R-AC1) under the City of Nedlands Local Planning Scheme No.3

    Zoning Map

    What can be built in Mixed Use R-AC1?

    Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS 3) applies a number of provisions to Mixed Use R-AC1. The key difference to residential zones is that it requires active land uses at ground level and a significant residential component above.

    Table 2.1 - Primary Controls Table of the Residential Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments (R-Codes Vol. 2) outlines the acceptable built form outcomes for the R-AC1 density code. The only difference being the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3 removes the Acceptable Outcome for Building Height in this location. Please note that the R-Codes Vol. 2 is a performance-based policy where development must achieve the objectives for each element. 

    The R-Codes Vol. 2 can be found here 

    Why is the development setback from Stirling Highway so much?

    The front 6-8.5m (approx.) of the site is located inside of the regional road reserve for Stirling Highway. Development within this area is avoided so that the land can be acquired for road widening at a later date.

    How will the application for development be assessed?

    The application will be assessed against all elements of the Residential Design Codes Volume 2 – Apartments and the ten principles of good design contained in State Planning Policy 7.0 – Design of the Built Environment. These documents place considerable weight on amenity impacts, as does the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.3.

    Are there any other provisions that apply to this site?

    The application will be assessed against the relevant provisions of the City’s Local Planning Policies which can be found here. The City is also progressing the Town Centre Plan which was considered by Council on 24 September 2019. Advertising closed 4 April 2020. The Town Centre Plans can be found here

    What shadow will the proposed building create?

    The calculation for overshadowing completed by the architect in Attachments 5 and 8 of the Planning Report, are calculated not factoring in existing buildings.

Land Use

    Why is the development not fully residential?

    The zoning of the land is Mixed Use. Consequently, any development must include an appropriate amount of non-residential development. This development is seeking approval for a range of non-residential uses including retail, motor vehicle sales, office and restaurant / café.

    What is planned to be on the ground floor?

    The ground floor will comprise 3 retail / shop tenancies, a car sales showroom, 6 restaurant / cafe tenancies and a range of services and facilities for the development. The ground floor will also incororate pedestrian pathways through the development and a piazza.

Building Height

    How many storeys are each of the proposed buildings?

    The base of the development is a podium comprising 3 basement (below ground) levels and a ground floor with mezzanine ‘colonade’. On top of this there are 4 residential towers proposed with differing heights as follows:

    • West Tower – 20 residential levels, 1 office level plus roof top communal facilities / services.
    • Centre West Tower – 14 residential levels, 1 office level, open space level (pool deck) plus roof top playground.
    • Centre East Tower – 7 residential levels, 1 office level plus roof top pool deck.
    • East Tower – 22 residential levels, 1 office level plus roof top communal facilities / services.
    • East Tower – 25 storeys (88m)

    What are the heights of the proposed buildings?

    The total storey height (and approximate metres above ground level in brackets), including the ground floor / mezzanine level and roof top spaces, but excluding the below ground basement levels are:

    • West Tower – 23 storeys (78m)
    • Centre West Tower – 18 storeys (63m)
    • Centre East Tower – 10 storeys (38m)
    • East Tower - 25 storeys (88m)


    Where is the vehicle access into and out of the development?

    The basement car parking levels will be accessed via access points from Dalkeith Road and Baird Avenue. There is no vehicle access proposed to Stirling Highway. The basement levels will be access by two ramps, one from each road. The remainder of the rear lane along the northern side of the site will cater for a pedestrian only zone and piazza.

Amenity and Infrastructure

    Where are the recreation areas / communal open space?

    Each of the rooftops is used to provide communal open space and recreation spaces. In addition, the 10th floor of the Centre West Tower links to the rooftop of the Centre East Tower to provide a pool deck. The roof top of the Centre West Tower is proposed to provide a children’s playground. The roof tops for the West and East Towers provide a range of indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, including day spa, BBQ areas and lounge bar. A gymnasium and meeting facilities are located on the office level (Level 2).

    Can the sewerage mains in the area support all the extra residents?

    Sewerage and water capacity is controlled by Water Corporation. The Corporation manages impacts of new development on its infrastructure in a number of ways. This includes being a party to the state infrastructure committee, which identifies areas where increased development will take place. This allows for new development to be planned for with any new infrastructure required identified and contributed to by the developer or developers that trigger the upgrade. Water Corporation are also required to make comment on developments of this type.