Council decides on Option 1 for Carrington Park

over 2 years ago

The Council at its meeting on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 considered the community engagement results for stage 2 of the project: to determine the community's preference in one of the following options.

  • Option 1 - Increased children’s play area from the current area, and a fully fenced dog space with access from Weld and Broome Streets
  • Option 2 - Increased children’s play area with reduced dog space from Option 1, and a fully fenced dog space with access from Weld Street
  • Option 3 - The same sized children’s play area, from Option 2, and a dog space open at Weld Street.

The Council approved Option 1 which achieved a 53.2 per cent preference by the community. Options 2 and 3 received 23.4 per cent each.

The agenda (Item 13.11, page 52 of the Agenda) and Minutes (Item 13.11, Page 16) can be found on the City's website under Your Council>Agendas, Minutes and Reports . The report includes the community engagement results.

The City will now finalise the enviro-scape master plan for the park and commence its implementation. The first priority is to upgrade the underlying drainage filtration.
Categories: Sport and Recreation
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Consultation has concluded