Community Drop-in Sessions held - you can still join in online!

4 months ago
Strat plan 2.1

Community drop-in sessions for the Strategic Community Plan took place on last Saturday and Monday with around 80 people coming along to help shape the future of Nedlands.

Miss a drop-in sessions, don’t worry - you can still participate through this page. Read on for more details!

Visitors firstly got the opportunity to see some of the key projects the City has been working on over the last four years – we really enjoyed hearing a number of people say they have noticed and been pleased with the improvements being made around the City. The document library contains a ‘Strategic Community Plan in Action’ map for each year since the Strategic Community Plan was implemented. These provide a snap-shot of the major projects and works the City has undertaken.

Next, visitors moved onto looking at the Community and Council ‘Vision’ and were invited to think about their own vision for the City of Nedlands, then tell us what's most important to them for the City's future - and why. You can, too...visit the Vision page and let us know your thoughts..

Visitors then looked at the City’s draft priorities and told us which priorities they believed were most important, as well as writing down any priorities they felt were missing. YIf you'd like to do the same, visit the Priorities page.

Each person considered the neighbourhood where they lived and were invited to put markers on a map to highlight anything they wished to improve about their neighbourhood. Some people used this as an opportunity to say what they liked while others raised specific issues, or highlighted anything they felt would make their neighbourhood a bit better. You can also do this by using the My Neighbourhood tool.