Onsite information session now held!

about 1 year ago
St johns wood   onsite engagement

Thank you to everyone who participated in the onsite information session on Tuesday, 15 May. There approximately 30 people attended from all age groups.

There was discussion around the areas of the playground and facilities for older children (basketball hoop and suitable play equipment), planting of trees and shrubs, shade provision and seating, dog facilities and other items such as drinking fountains, barbecue and gazebo.

Suggested names were:

  • Abbey Park
  • Montgomery Park
  • Graylands Park
  • Montgomery Hall
  • A name to reflect indigenous history – Noongar people, Whadjuk.

To name a park, the City must comply with the State Governments policy for naming parks and reserves. This document can be found on the Landgate website or by visiting the document library on this page.

Interpretative signage was also suggested as part of the naming and the history of the park.

In relation to the issues raised, these have been included on the proposed plan. The City has also assessed the feedback and provided a response. Both documents are available in the document library.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this session.
Categories: Sport and Recreation, Community Infrastructure