What is public open space?

    Public Open Space (POS) is described as land that is freely accessible by the community and the general public. These spaces can function for recreational (e.g. sporting ground, field) or passive (e.g. bushwalking, bird watching, dog walking etc) purposes.

    In the City of Nedlands, we have many public open spaces, including but not limited to parks, reserves, foreshores and sporting grounds.

    What is the purpose of the Public Open Space Strategy?

    The Public Open Space Strategy will provide strategic direction and a framework to guide the management of open space within the City of Nedlands. 

    The POS Strategy will sit alongside the City’s Local Planning Strategy and may influence future Scheme Amendments or Local Planning Policies to help the City gain, rationalise, improve and manage open space.

    What is the process for developing the strategy?

    The following chart sets out the process for developing the Strategy. The Strategy will take most of 2019 to complete, with the aim of having an adopted Strategy by late 2019. There will be a number of opportunities throughout the process for the community to be involved/provide comment. 

    What have we done so far?

    We began the first phase of the POS Strategy by conducting audits of all the parks within the City of Nedlands. 

    The audits include assessing the activities, environmental quality, amenities, safety and any general observations of each park within the City. The purpose of these audits is to assess the condition of the parks and whether they are being adequately used by the community and the public.

    Why are we seeking comment?

    We are engaging the wider community to help understand what their future requirements and aspirations are for public open spaces. Feedback will be useful in developing guiding principles for the entire POS Strategy including the:

    • Quality of public open space;
    • Quantity of public open space;
    • Functionality of public open space; and
    • Classification of public open space.