Why is the City Upgrading the pathway at Point Resolution?

    The City of Nedlands is upgrading the final pathway at Point Resolution in accordance with the City’s capital works budget, the Corporate Business Plan, the Natural Area Path Network Policy and the Point Resolution Enviroscape Mater Plan.

    The existing pathway consists of a combination of crushed limestone and black asphalt. Once upgraded the pathway will consist of red asphalt and limestone retaining with limestone spillways installed at intervals along the paths to address water runoff.

    The upgraded path will enable ongoing use of the path by the City’s bushland maintenance vehicles as well as fire control appliances, in the event of a fire, without causing damage to the asset. 

    What pathway is being upgraded?

    One pathway is being upgraded as shown on the map in the document library.

    What materials will the pathways be constructed with?

    The recommended path material is red asphalt and shall be constructed with 30mm red-oxide asphalt on 75mm thick crushed limestone boxed out to 200 mm with a 3% cross fall which will assist with water drainage.

    When will the works be undertaken and how long will they take?

    The works are scheduled to commence early April 2020. The works will take between one to two weeks provided weather conditions are suitable.

    How long will the paths be closed for during construction works?

    It is anticipated the pathways will be closed from Monday to Friday for one to two weeks during construction works between the hours of 7 am – 4 pm.

    How will I be able to access the river foreshore?

    There are five pathways from Victoria Avenue to the river foreshore that will remain open for pedestrians to access the river during construction works.