Why is the current playground being replaced?

    The City conducts regular playground safety audits and has determined that the New Court Gardens playground requires replacement. The work will be carried out as part of the City’s Capital Work Program.

    Will the park be closed?

    No, only the immediate work area will be fenced off, for safety reasons. All other areas of the reserve will remain accessible.

    What is included in the upgrade?

    The playground upgrade works will include:

    • The removal of all existing equipment
    • New play equipment installed in the same area as the old equipment
    • The possibility of a new shade structure over the main play equipment – if opted by community members during consultation

    How can I be involved in the playground upgrade?

    The City is conducting a two-stage consultation approach in upgrading the playground at New Court Gardens.

    Stage One was a 2-week consultation period where community members were invited to provide feedback about what they like or dislike about the park and playground and what they would like to see at the park in the future. The City analysed all feedback received and used this to develop three concept designs for the community to vote on.

    Stage Two is a 2-week consultation period where community members are able to view 3 (three) possible playground concept designs based off feedback from Stage 1 consultation, select their preference and provide feedback.

    Can the playground be a mixture of components from all design options?

    Unfortunately, no. The City endeavours to ensure a safe playground for all users. As part of this process, all designs comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Mixing and matching components would compromise this due to issues such as encroaching fall zones.

    Will the area be shaded?

    The playground will remain in an area of natural shade. Artificial shade, such as shade sails, may be considered in future years. Feedback from the initial round of Community consultation, in June 2020, suggested a focus on replacing equipment and fencing.

    Why are there no swings?

    Swings take up a very large area of the playground and this would have  severely restricted any additional equipment.

    How can I ask questions about the project?

    You can provide your thoughts via the Survey and Ideals tools or contact a member of the Project Team via Who’s Listening (located on the right-hand-side of the page).