Clarification - site size and proportions

over 1 year ago

Questions have been received by the City in regard to the marking of the grass playing fields. This marking was not intended to be exact as all designs from the proponents are concepts only and not to scale.

The intention was to draw attention to anyone who may be walking across the Oval that community consultation was underway and that views of park users were being sought on the potential boundary of a hockey pitch within Mt Claremont Reserve.

It was an idea to raise awareness of our community consultation; not be an exact representation of the location of the hockey pitch, which may or may not use this layout should the project proceed.

Mt Claremont Reserve has a total area of 4.8ha (including 2.21ha of bushland) and the estimate for the hockey pitch/clubrooms/car park is 0.9ha, which is approximately 19% of the total reserve area.

A lot of people are only looking at the mowed grass area as the oval while the City has looked at the total area of public open space, which is Mt Claremont Reserve. The 21% estimate includes provision for additional road access.

The markings on the grass area will be removed when the field is next mowed.

The line-marking was never intended to be a definitive description of the final location of the proposed hockey pitch.

The City apologises for any confusion created.

As the City does not have scale drawings for the Westside Wolves proposal, an overlay of the Shenton Park Hockey Pitch and Clubrooms (an area of approx. 0.75ha) on Mt Claremont Reserve is provided as a reference point. In broad terms, this is generally consistent with the schematic drawings provided with the City’s community engagement/information package (see below).

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Consultation has concluded