Project deferred

10 months ago
Project deferral

Since the undertaking of the community engagement for this project, the Metropolitan Regional Road Group has met and considered the road rehabilitation projects for 2019/20 financial year and recommended that the City of Nedlands receive grant funding for Loch Street between Stirling Highway and Carrington Street.

The City has also discussed this project with the Town of Claremont and can confirm that this project could be expanded to include addressing parking issues on both sides of the road.

As a result, the Council has deferred this current project which will be included in the new project being scoped for the 2019/20 financial year (as above). The provision of amended parking prohibitions in Loch Street will now be deferred until completion of the road rehabilitation works between Stirling Highway and Carrington Street including the parking bays project with the Town of Claremont.

Categories: Parking Roads and Traffic

Consultation has concluded