Why is the City reviewing its Policies?

    This review is being undertaken to update the City’s Planning Policies and related Council Policies to resolve outdated provisions and to ensure decision making is consistent with community expectations.

    What is a Local Planning Policy and how does it apply?

    The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 enables a local government to make Local Planning Policies on any matter related to planning and development.

    A local planning policy may apply generally or to a particular matter and may apply to the whole scheme area or to any specified area.

    What is the relationship between the Planning Scheme and a Planning Policy?

    Local Planning Policies do not form part of a local planning scheme but are given recognition through schemes. Local Planning Policies are one of the matters to be given ‘due regard’ in local government considerations of application for planning approval.

    What happens to my comments?

    Your comments will be carefully considered as part of the process to finalise draft policies before they are presented to Council for adoption.

    If you make a submission, we will let you know when the policy will be considered by council. This engagement page will also be updated with information as policies are presented to Council.

    Please note: your details are included as part of the report to Council.

    How can I be further involved with the Council decision-making process?

    The Council Committee meeting is where the proposed policy is initially discussed and deliberated. The Committee Meeting is held a fortnight prior to the Council meeting with the final decision is made at the Council meeting. 

    If you have provided feedback on the policy you are able to address the Council at the Committee and Council meetings.

    The agenda is made available on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. If you intend to address the Council at either the committee or council meeting, please read the information on our website and complete the online form.