What are the City's Natural Areas Management Plans?

    The natural area management plans provide strategic planning documents for the restoration, protection and enhancement of the City’s six key natural areas over a five year period. They include:

    • Draft Natural Areas Management  Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Shenton Bushland Management Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Allen Park Bushland Management Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Hollywood Reserve Management Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Birdwood Parade Management Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Point Resolution Management Plan 2019-2024

    • Draft Mount Claremont Oval Reserve Management Plan 2019-2024.

    Why is the City reviewing its Natural Areas Management Plans?

    As owners and land managers, the City of Nedlands is responsible for conserving and enhancing the values of its natural areas.

    Key Threats to natural areas include:

    • Environmental weeds

    • Plant pathogens

    • Feral animals

    • Illegal dumping

    • Climate variables

    • Vandalism

    • Arson

    • Uncontrolled access.

    Natural area management plans are required to provide strategic direction and management of the City’s natural areas. Currently the existing natural area management plans are out of date and require revising.

    Where are the Natural Areas?

    The natural areas include:

    • Shenton Bushland (Shenton Park)

    • Allen Park Bushland (Swanbourne)

    • Hollywood Reserve (Nedlands)

    • Birdwood Parade (Dalkeith)

    • Point Resolution (Dalkeith)

    • Mount Claremont Oval Reserve (Mount Claremont).

    How often does the City review the plans?

    The management plans are intended to be reviewed and updated every five years. They will guide natural area management activities between 2019-2024.