Mt Claremont Oval Bushland Management Plan - Summary of Actions

4 months ago
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  • Janice 4 months ago
    Thankful for the opportunity to give feedback on the Mt Claremont Oval Bushland because as a born West Australian and a resident of 29 years in a nearby street I am distressed that future generations will not have or live in a West Australian environment to nurture their physical and mental health.. I have experienced the destruction of the green belt that was promised and the degradation of bush and verge around me. In that time I have created a native garden and verge and many others have followed suit. My garden now needs refurbishment. In recent years it has been amazing to watch the regeneration of Lake Claremont bushland.I have watched many planting disasters by Nedlands Council. One of the worst being the planting of the bank of Banksia Prionotes and then continuously, consistently spraying of that area using Roundup which Banksias are especially susceptible to. What a waste of money and time. Next time invest in weed control by a variety of methods before even considering planting vulnerable species. At long last and almost too late there has been some action taken on the rescuing of the hillside with good efforts made to retain and prevent erosion and take out foreign weeds. If this action is not supported and continued this winter there will be massive erosion happening.Feral and household cats are a big problem in this area. I would dearly love to see action taken on residents who do not control their cats. It is a dreadful problem.The eucalyptus trees along Cleland Street are bleeding sap badly again. I am very grateful the Council saw fit to not allow the Westside Wolves basically take over the Oval. This area needs a new understory planted. Emphasis on providing good species for native flora and fauna. Once upon a time turtles from the lake nested in this hillside.The loss of big trees in Beecham Street has reduced to almost nothing the sighting of Carnaby Cockatoos in this area. Come on Nedlands you can do heaps better than past efforts. Please.