Birdwood Bushland Management Plan - Summary of Actions

about 1 month ago
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Please read the summary of actions for this reserve as contained in the document library. Please provide your comments on this forum.

  • Rod Griffiths about 1 month ago
    Each plan looks compressive in its own right, but given the connection between these areas in Nedlands and beyond, a focus is needed on recognising and formalising the umbrella bushland corridor - both strategically and operationally.
  • Denise AM about 1 month ago
    I have read the summary of actions about the Allen Park Draft Management Plan and would like to comment about it in this forum but the online forum link repeatedly takes me to the Birdwood Bushland Management Plan -summary of Actions. Help please.
  • Anne_Jones about 1 month ago
    I love this little bit of bushland. It's good to see some attention is being paid to it.
  • Bailey about 2 months ago
    It’s good to see more evidence of blue tongue lizards in the area. Hopefully an indication of healthy bushland ,anagement.
  • bruceinthegarden about 2 months ago
    Hi. Anybody else having trouble accessing the documents through the Document Library? When I click on a link I get directed to a sign in page for for which I have no login...