What is the park classification for Brockman Park?

    The City's parks are classified under the "Parks and Reserves Function and Hierarchy Classifications", in accordance with the Department of Sports and Recreation "Classification Framework for Public Open Space". 

    The City's parks are classified as either a local park, a neighbourhood park, district park or a regional park. Brockman Reserve is classified as a Local Park and consists of the following characteristics:

    • Characteristically a small sized park that services the needs of the immediate residents in nearby streets.
    • Will usually comprise a high proportion of recreation space and may include some nature space.
    • There is usually no provision for sports space.
    • Catchment area is contained to 400 metres or a 5 minute walk.
    • Size is generally under 1 hectare.
    • Facilities/activities may include children’s play area, dog walking, picnics and barbecues, friends and family gatherings, relaxation and rest opportunities, casual sporting activity.

    Why is the City upgrading this playground equipment?

    The playground equipment across the City is regularly assessed for safety and compliance with the relevant Australian Standards which sets out the requirements for playground equipment design, configuration and maintenance.

    The City also sets asides funds each year in the budgets to undertake playground upgrades across the City in accordance with the Council approved five (5) year capital works program.

    An assessment has been undertaken on the playground at Brockman Reserve in accordance with this program and it is due to be upgraded this financial year.

    Can the playground be a mixture of both design options?

    Unfortunately, No. The City endeavours to ensure a safe playground for all users. As part of this process, all designs comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Mixing and matching components would compromise this due to issues such as encroaching fall zones.

    Will the area be shaded?

    The playground will remain in an area of natural shade. Artificial shade, such as shade sails, may be considered in future years.

    Will the park be closed during the works?

    No, only the immediate work area will be fenced off, for safety reasons. All other areas of the reserve will remain accessible.