How did the City prepare the concept design for this engagement process?

    The design has been developed based on previous reports considered by the Council in response to representations from the Mt Claremont community. The detailed reports can be found in the document library and are summarised below.

    In 2015, an assessment of six parking options were explored in response to a letter and an informal 440 signature petition received in 2014. Following a Council resolution in September 2015, a selection of options was investigated. In addition, existing parking demand was also raised as part of a development application at the December 2015 Council meeting. 

    A further report was considered by the Council at its meeting in February 2016 providing instruction to Administration to progress the resolution of the issues. 

    Consultation is  now being undertaken to better understand the community's issues and preferences.

    What are the proposals to be considered?

    The community are invited to consider the following proposals and to complete the survey. The results of the survey will be used to determine the preferred proposals moving forward and will inform the scheduling of the works.

    Area 1: Asquith Park

    • Option A: Install 20 parking bays on west side of park
    • Option B: Install 28 parking bays with nibs for trees
    • Option C: Retain the park and the existing 8 parking bays

    An upgrade of the existing bus stop and the redesign of the park will be undertaken.

    Area 2: Parking in front of Cellarbrations Liquor Barn

    • Option A: Remove all (4) existing parking bays and install 5 parking bays at 90 degrees to the original parking.
    • Option B: Retain the existing 4 parking bays.

    Area 3: Asquith Street (Strickland to Adderley Street)

    • Option A: Install 7 parking bays on both sides of the street and move the existing two-metre wide footpath back to allow for the new bays
    • Option B: Retain the existing parking arrangements
    All options will include an upgrade to the existing bus stop

    Area 4: 25 Strickland Street (Subject to expiry of lease in 2021)

    • Option A: Install 28 parking bays, including a vehicle turn-around, remove six on-street parking bays in Strickland Street to allow entry into the proposed car park and landscape the area
    • Option B: Convert entire block into a playground

    Area 5: Olearia Lane (at rear of 25 Strickland Street) (Not to occur if entire block is converted into a playground (Area 4 Option B)

    • Option A: Install seven parking bays
    • Option B: Retain current situation

    Area 6: Road Reservation (Asquith Street from Mayfair Street to Golf Club rear entrance)

    • Option A: Install 4-5 parking bays on Asquith Street
    • Option B: Install a new 1.8-metre-wide footpath to the Golf Club boundary and develop a 20 x 20 metre area inside the gate on the golf club course into a playground
    • Option C: Allow for vehicle turn around to be constructed.
    • Option D: Do nothing