Proposed projects to improve parking and amenity in the Mt Claremont shopping precinct

about 1 year ago
Mt claremont shopping centre

Six possible options to improve the parking, playground and park facilities at the Mt Claremont Village shopping precinct and Asquith Reserve have been put forward by the City of Nedlands.

Information sessions will be held at the Mt Claremont Community Centre’s Hakea Room on 16 August from 4pm-5pm and 5.30pm-6.30pm. An online survey is also available for people to outline their preferences.

The proposals are in response to the City receiving numerous requests and a petition from the Mt Claremont community to address parking needs in this area. As a result, funds have been set aside as part of our 2018-19 capital works program.

The survey responses will inform the final proposal and help prioritise budget allocations for the works presented to Council.

The City wants to ensure it selects the best options for the area and our community consultation is an integral part of that. We understand it’s a fine balance between parking and other needs in the area, which is why several proposals have been devised to ensure a range of options can be explored with the community.

Categories: Parking Roads and Traffic, Sport and Recreation