Planning for first project underway - Asquith Park Redevelopment

4 months ago
Asquith park near shopping centre

The City is progressing with its first project - Asquith Park redevelopment which includes the conversion of part of the park to a 18 bay car park plus turn around with the remainder and the existing car park becoming a new park.

As part of this process a development application has been lodged with the City's Planing Department which is now advertised. To view this development application, please visit the City's website.

A copy of the detailed designs can also be found in the document library on this page.

The City has now finalised the proposed landscape design for the new park which will include the existing parking at the park, off Olearia Lane. Please visit the document library to view the design.

The City looks forward to completing this important project.

Categories: Parks and Reserves, Parking Roads and Traffic