Council approves improvements

6 months ago

The Council at its meeting on 27 November 2018 approved the following for planning and implementation:


1. Approves the Administration’s parking and playground options for the Asquith Park Precinct as follows:

a) Area 1: Option A – convert the western side of Asquith Park into a 20-bay car park with the balance being a park.

b) Area 2: Option A – install 5 new parking bays on the City-owned land in front of Cellarbrations Liquor Barn.

c) Area 3: Option B – Asquith Street (Strickland to Adderley) to remain as is.

d) Area 5: Option B – Olearia Lane to be included in the proposed park and playground (Area 4, Option B).

e) Area 6: Option A – Road reservation (end of Asquith at Mayfair Street) to be improved along with construction of a playground in an area of land within the Cottesloe Golf Club.

2. Approves Asquith Park and the carpark adjacent to Cellarbrations to be completed in 2018/19 Capital Works Program;

3. Supports the construction of the remaining projects subject to approval in future budgets; and

4. Administration include the works proposed for the west end of Asquith Street be included in the 2019/20 Budget for Council consideration.

Categories: Parking Roads and Traffic