What were the results for your 2016 Parent Survey?

    The results from the 2016 Parent Survey demonstrated that the Point Resolution Child Care parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality care and program their child/children are receiving. Parents indicated that the Centre provides an excellent service to the City’s families.

    Feedback was provided on centre administration, programming quality, educator-child and educator-parent interaction and communication. Parents were overall, very satisfied with the quality of care that their child/children received.  The parents expressed an appreciation towards the warm and nurturing environment, allowing to children to thrive.

    The survey responses confirm a very high level of parent satisfaction. Areas of care that were highly rated include: overall satisfaction with the high quality early learning programming; the interactions and communication between staff and parents; and the overall child care program.

    The results also identified areas for improvement, with one of those areas being keeping families informed of their child/children’s daily routines and activities. As a result, this year we implemented “Our Week @ PRCC” where we send a weekly email of the daily highlights and activities, along with some pictures, from each day of the week.

    In summary, the survey results demonstrate that PRCC parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality care that their child/children is receiving. .

    The Child Care Centre values positive relationships between families and staff.

    Where is the centre located?

    The Centre is located at 53 Jutland Parade Dalkeith. The Point Resolution Child Care (PRCC) has been operating since 1983 and provides long day care to residents and ratepayers of the City of Nedlands.

    PRCC is an open-plan centre where children of different ages can interact together, rather than be in separate rooms.

    What ages do you cater for?

    The Centre caters for 0-6 years and is licensed to have a maximum of 24 children at any one time.

    What is your Educator to Child ratio?

    The ratio, educator to child is:

    • 0-2 years: 1:4
    • 2-3 years: 1:5
    • 3-5 years: 1:10

    What are your opening times?

    The Centre opens from 8am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

    How much do you charge for child care services?

    The Centre charges $125.00 per day and $95.00 per half day. The child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) are available to eligible families attending the Centre.

    Do you offer a Pre-kindy and Kindy Program?

    Yes, PRCC offers a Pre-kindy and Kindy Program for the children which helps prepare them to transition into their next schooling experience.

    Do you have an Early Childhood Educator on site?

    Yes, a Early childhood teacher is available Monday to Friday, who plans the children's programs.  The Centre is compliant with the Early Years Learning Framework.

    How do I find out more about the centre?

    To find out more about the Centre and what it offers, please call the Centre on 9386 5835 or email procc@nedlands.wa.gov.au