How will the application impact car parking and traffic?

    The development application proposes 576 resident car parking bays and 82 visitor car parking bays on-site. 

    The City has engaged a traffic consultant to provide comments and recommendations on the possible impacts of car parking and traffic.

    How do I make a submission, what is the process and will it be confidential?

    A submission can be made using the submission form on this engagement page. 

    You can also provide a submission via email to or letter addressed to the City before the closing date (COB on 5 November). Should you wish provide an email or letter submission, you will need to address it to the City, PO Box 9, Nedlands, and marked “Proposal Aged Persons’ Apartments – Lot 103 (105) Karella Street Nedlands”. Please make sure you include your name, property address and email address. Your submission will also need to state your objections or no objections or comments on the proposed variation(s).

    Please note that the plans cannot be copied or sent to third parties and will not be made available for viewing once the advertising period has concluded unless consent is obtained from the landowner and/or applicant. The City’s front-counter staff and duty planning officer will be available to assist with general enquiries only and therefore if you anticipate coming in to view the plans, please call ahead to make an appointment.

    The City will have regard to any comments received prior to the deadline when determining the application. Please note that your submission (with names and addresses removed) may be made available to the applicant and landowner at their request.

    The application will be presented to a future Council meeting for consideration and then forwarded to the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) for determination.  

    If you made a submission to the City on the proposal, you will be notified of the Council meeting date and time once the agenda has been confirmed. Additionally, if the application is determined by the State Administrative Tribunal due to an appeal being lodged in future, submitters will be notified of the outcome.

    Should you have any queries regarding the above, you can contact Andrew Bratley, the Project Manager on on 9273 3500.

    How do I find out more about this development application and proposal?


    The plans for the proposal can be viewed in the document library on this engagement page and in hardcopy at the City’s Administration Centre, 71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.

    Community Information Session

    A Community Information Session will be held at the City’s Administration Building (71 Stirling Highway, Nedlands) on 22 October 2018 between 6.00pm and 7.00pm to give nearby landowners and occupants the opportunity to view the plans and talk to the City’s technical staff.

    Please note that this session is to provide and discuss the project. It is not a meeting.

    How many apartments will be constructed?

    The existing site and structures will enable 327 apartments to be constructed for seniors.

    What are the key design elements?

    The key design elements proposed are:

    • Communal facilities, for example a bowling green, pool, gym and outdoor amphitheatre.
    • Buildings with a height range from 3 to 5 storeys, with a 6 storey high central building.
    • Portions of the buildings over 3 storeys will be setback at least 20m from the street.
    • Buildings with a setback at least 6m from the street.
    • Ground floor apartments will be between 0.5m and 1.5m above footpath level to provide privacy while still maintaining opportunities for passive surveillance over the public realm.
    • The total plot ratio floor area of the development is approximately 1.14 in lieu of 0.75 as currently prescribed.
    • Provision for 576 resident car parking bays, 82 visitor car parking bays and 65 scooter parking bays.

    How do I find out more about the apartments?

    A temporary display unit (apartment) is proposed towards the western (Smyth Road) portion of the site which will include property signs advertising the display unit.  Opening hours of the display unit are yet to be determined. People can visit the display unit to find out more.

    Who will be responsible for the apartments?

    The apartments are proposed to be maintained and operated by the current owners (Regis).

    What is the City’s role?

    The City of Nedlands is a referral party only, whose purpose is to provide technical advice and recommendations to the JDAP. 

    The JDAP will determine the outcome of the development application.

    What is a JDAP?

    JDAP stands for Joint Development Assessment Panel. 

    A JDAP is a determining authority independent from a local government, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and the Western Australian Planning Commission. It has five panel members and reports directly to the Minister for Planning. 

    A JDAP determines development applications that meet certain value thresholds and application types.

    How will the parking of vehicles and general storage be managed during the construction phase if the application is approved by JDAP?

    If the development application is approved by JDAP, it will be recommended that a construction management plan be prepared by the applicant. 

    The City will be monitoring the compliance of the construction management plan.