What parking prohibitions arrangements are in place for the duration of each of the concerts?

    The City will install temporary no parking road and verge signs on one side of the streets. These will be in various areas surrounding event locations to minimise congestion. The opposite side of each street will still be available for parking, on both roads and verges.

    The installation of temporary signs will occur from the Friday before the concert and removed on the Monday. Rangers will monitor the area.

    The City requests you do not park vehicles on verges with no parking signs in place or you may receive an infringement.

    Please check out the parking plans for each of the venues in the document library.

    Will there be accessible parking and facilities?

    Each event will have accessible parking close to the event entrance. Toilet facilities provided are accessible.

    How does the Council determine if the event will be cancelled?

    Circumstances/issues leading to cancellation of certain/all aspects of the event:

    • Severe bad weather forecast before the event (or if it occurs during the event)
    • Soft ground caused by rain preventing vehicle access
    • Serious workplace accident
    • Failure of a key supplier to attend or deliver services
    • Any incident that causes the evacuation of the site

    What happens if a concert is cancelled?

    If a concert needs to be cancelled, the City will use its website and social media to inform the public. Event cancellation signs will also be placed at the park.

    If the event has started and needs to be cancelled, the MC or band will notify the audience.